Welcome to Gaithersburg Golf - 2018

Gaithersburg Golf is an informal golfing league open to current
and retired employees (and friends) of IBM, Lockheed Martin
and others, residing at or near Gaithersburg, MD.

2018 Gaithersburg Golf Leagues           

League Week 3 Begins

           Comments: Updated April 23, 2018

              Laytonsville Monday     Round 2 Played: 4/23/2018     
              Blue Mash Tuesday     Round 2 Played: 4/17/20187                         
              Laytonsville Thursday     Round 2 Played: 4/19/2018                         
              Little Bennett Thursday     Round 2 Played: 4/19/2018                         

Quote / Jokes from Jack / The Rules Guy

      Updated April 22, 2018

If you wish to hide your character,
do not play golf.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Percy Boomer

Another from "Jack's Library" . . . A Few More Senior Moments!!

Reposting of all those "Jack's Jokes" from 2017.
Reposting of previous "Jack's Jokes" from This year.

Ask The Rules Guy (From Golf Magazine, August 2017, pg 32)

Question: During a tournament, I hit a wayward drive. Unsure
if I'd find it, I announced that I'd hit another and play it if
my first was lost. It wasn't, but the committee later penalized
me after a fellow competitor told them that I had given the
definition of "provisional" but not the p-word itself. Seriously?

Response: Seriously. Decision 27-2a/l states that a player's
statement either must mention "provisional ball" or make clear
that he is proceeding under Rule 27-2a. Variations on "I think
that's lost - I'm reloading" don't cut it. You need to be
specific; otherwise, you've proceeded under stroke and distance,
as your original ball is now considered lost. Specific
announcements aren't limited to provisionals. When lifting
your ball for identification (Rule 12-2) or to determine if
it is unfit for play (Rule 5-3), you must first inform your
fellow competitors or opponents what you're up to, or
be penalized one stroke.

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League Rules and player course description information for
Laytonsville and Little Bennett courses is provided. No
player description of Blue Mash is available, but a web site
link provides some course information.

For more official information on the courses included in the
league, take a look at the Montgomery County Golf
and Blue Mash web sites.

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