Welcome to Gaithersburg Golf - 2014

Gaithersburg Golf is an informal golfing league open to current and
retired employees (and friends) of IBM, Lockheed Martin and others,
residing at the Gaithersburg "campus" and other associated area locations.

The Gaithersburg Golf Home Page is your source for all information on the Gaithersburg Golf 2014 Leagues.
League results will be posted weekly, along with current team standings, low gross and net results, and ball winners.
Provision also is made for review of the scores for all completed rounds.

Comments: Updated August 25, 2014

The End Is Actually Here!

Well, the last rounds have finally all been played, not without
some minor trepidation generated by looking at the sky.
Nevertheless, everyone has now finished, and I hope planning for next year.

Final round scores are now posted.

The League Champion list of prize winners is now posted.

The final update (8/22/2014; subs only) of the league rosters has been posted.

For those of you who missed some of the "humor" during this season here is a review for you.

Attention All Golfers

A fund raising tournament (9/6/2014) has been announced.
All golfers are eligible to register for a fun time at a great golf course.

See the Tournament Flyer for complete details.

2014 League Results and League Information

League Results Updated 8/22/2014
                   Laytonsville Monday Final Round Played: 8/4/2014
                   Blue Mash Tuesday Final Round Played: 7/22/2014
                   Laytonsville Thursday Final Round Played: 8/21/2014
                   Little Bennett Thursday Final Round Played: 8/21/2014
2014 League Champions
2014 Team Schedules
2014 Team Rosters / Sub List (Updated 8/22/2014)
League Rules
Review the USGA Golf Rules Effective 2014
Course Information
Treatise on Slow Play
(Text has been edited for readability: please review!
League Contacts

League Rules and course description information for both courses is provided.
For official information on the two courses included in the league,
take a look at the Montgomery County Golf web site.

Rosters will be available as entries are received and teams assigned.

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