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Gaithersburg Golf is an informal golfing league open to current
and retired employees (and friends) of IBM, Lockheed Martin
and others, residing at or near Gaithersburg, MD.

2018 Gaithersburg Golf Leagues           

League Week 11

           Comments: Updated June 17, 2018

              Laytonsville Monday     Round 8 Played: 6/11/2018                     
              Blue Mash Tuesday     Round 9 Played: 6/12/2018                     
              Laytonsville Thursday     Round 9 Played: 6/14/2018                     
              Little Bennett Thursday     Round 8 Played: 6/14/2018                     

Quote / Jokes from Jack / The Rules Guy

      Updated June 17, 2018

Whatever anyone may say about golf,
at least one thing is mercifully certain,
namely it is a voluntery affair.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Henry Longhurst.

Another from "Jack's Library" . . . A Funeral With Bagpipes

Reposting of all those "Jack's Jokes" from 2017.
Reposting of previous "Jack's Jokes" from This year.

Ask The Rules Guy (From Golf Magazine, October 2017, pg 26)

Question: My opponent took a swing and whiffed. "Good thing
I missed the ball!" he said. I told him that his intention
to hit the ball meant that he had to count that stroke.
Then he asked, "Who determines if I intended to hit the ball?"
When I said that he did, he innnediately claimed that it was
just a practice swing. What options do I have?

Response: Rules Guy is not a violent man, but at a minimum, a
stern harrumphing is in order. Your only recourse is to refer
the matter to the competition committee. In match play,
you'd need to make a claim before either player plays
from the next teeing ground; in stroke play, you can do so
anytime prior to returning scorecards. The committee would
gather the facts from the players and any witnesses before
rendering its judgment. That said, the rules assume a player's
honesty - they weren't designed to deal with deceit.
Worst-case scenario: Avoid this charlatan like the yips.

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League Rules and player course description information for
Laytonsville and Little Bennett courses is provided. No
player description of Blue Mash is available, but a web site
link provides some course information.

For more official information on the courses included in the
league, take a look at the Montgomery County Golf
and Blue Mash web sites.

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