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Gaithersburg Golf is an informal golfing league open to current and
retired employees (and friends) of IBM, Lockheed Martin and others,
residing at the Gaithersburg "campus" and other associated area locations.

The Gaithersburg Golf Home Page is your source for all information
on the Gaithersburg Golf 2017 Leagues. League results are posted
weekly, along with current team standings, low gross/net results,
ball winners, schedules, and prior weeks' results.

2017 Gaithersburg Golf Leagues           

Are you ready for Week 15?

           Comments: Updated July 20, 2017

              Laytonsville Monday     Round 10 Played: 7/10/2017 - Rained out on 7/17                         
              Blue Mash Tuesday     Round 13 Played: 7/18/2017                         
              Laytonsville Thursday     Round 11 Played: 7/20/2017                         
              Little Bennett Thursday     Round 11 Played: 7/20/2017                         

Quote / Jokes from Jack / The Rules Guy

      Comments: Updated July 23, 2017

Quote of the Week:

Golf is not just an exercise; it's an adventure, a romance,
a Shakespeare play in which disaster and comedy are intertwined.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harold Seagull

Current entry from "Jack's Library" . . . First, Lets Kill All the Lawyers
Here is the reposting of all those "really bad ones" from 2016.

Ask The Rules Guy (From Golf Magazine, July 2017, pg 30)

Question: At my local course, a player hit his drive toward the rough
and into a rotted tree stump. The ball embedded in its own pitch mark
in the stump. Was he entitled to a free drop? Would it have mattered
had the stump been in the fairway?

Response: No, a player does not get relief for a ball embedded in a
tree stump. The only question is whether the area has been marked or
designated as ground under repair (far more likely in the fairway
scenario, alas). If so, the player is entitled to relief without
penalty. If not, he can play the ball as it lies or declare it
unplayable. Now, should the player choose the latter route, there are
three well-known options available, all under penalty of one stroke.
If, that strikes you as a rotten piece of news, well, the player is
still in much better shape than the tree.

Additional Info

    2016 League Champions (Final Results)
    2017 Team Schedules
    2017 Team Rosters (Updated 4/9/2017 / Sub List Updated 7/13/2017)
    Registration Flyer
    League Rules
     Review the USGA Golf Rules Effective 2017
    Course Information
    Treatise on Slow Play
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    League Contacts

League Rules and player course description information for
Laytonsville and Little Bennett courses is provided. No
player description of Blue Mash is available, but a web site
link provides some course information.

For more official information on the courses included in the league,
take a look at the Montgomery County Golf and Blue Mash web sites.

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